Your tax-deductible contribution will play a crucial role in the success of EcoAthletes. It will allow us to create the educational and training materials and conduct the coaching sessions that will turn athletes into EcoAthlete Champions. Our Champions will then inspire their fans to help spark a much-needed #ClimateComeback!

EcoAthletes’ mission is to utilize the platform of athletes to inspire millions of sports fans to take and demand climate action!

We will do so by leveraging the tremendous power of athletes to effect social change.

Since there is no time to waste in addressing the climate crisis, EcoAthletes needs funding now to…

Design and produce training materials

Coach EcoAthlete Champions

Schedule EcoAthlete Champions’ Speaking Engagements

With that in mind, EcoAthletes is proud to announce that Natural Capitalism Solutions (, a registered 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping “companies, communities and countries implement more regenerative practices profitably”, serves as our fiscal sponsor.

This allows EcoAthletes to accept tax-deductible contributions.





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