What We Do

We inspire and coach EcoAthlete Champions, giving them the tools to talk about climate change to a variety of audiences, from media to youth groups to businesses and more.

Then we help schedule speaking engagements for them and track the number of people they reach in support of climate action.

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist and Climate Communicator Extraordinaire, Becomes EcoAthletes Supporter

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is one of the most powerful climate communicators in the world. Time Magazine, which in 2014 named her to its list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World”, would agree. So would President Obama, who was joined by Dr. Hayhoe in an…

Australia’s Jemima Montag: Race Walker, Food Desert Fighter and Now EcoAthletes Champion

Talk to Jemima Montag — she won gold for Australia in the 20 km walk on home soil at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane — for ten minutes and you will get that she has the "it factors" you would expect in a champion athlete: Confidence, perseverance,...

Arianna Criscione, Goalkeeper and Marketing Exec for PSG, First Footballer/Soccer Player to Join EcoAthletes Champions Roster

Arianna Criscione is unique among professional athletes: The California native is both a professional goalkeeper for Paris powerhouse PSG and the sponsorship manager for the women's team. The defining characteristic of Criscione's 13-year professional career has been...

New Zealand Doubles Star Marcus Daniell Becomes Latest EcoAthletes Champion

The tight-knit nature of New Zealand's athlete community is responsible for doubles specialist Marcus Daniell becoming the newest EcoAthlete Champion. "I was lucky enough to be introduced to the EcoAthletes team by fellow Kiwi and field hockey star Hugo Inglis, whom I...

Hannah Mills Brings Her Platform as Olympic Sailing Gold Medalist, Big Plastic Pledge Founder to EcoAthletes

To win Olympic Gold in sailing takes a myriad of qualities that also come in handy in the world of environmental and climate activism: Perseverance, adaptability and, perhaps most importantly the ability to read the winds and thus to know when to attack. Hannah Mills...

Nuno Dias Brings Martial Arts Sensibilities to the EcoAthletes Supporters Network

Nuno Dias competes in the final bout at the 2015 European Shukokai Championships in Switzerland (Photo credit: European Sukokai Association) Nuno Dias is working hard for achieve two big firsts. The world class martial arts athlete and coach is hopeful of competing in...

Hugo Inglis, New Zealand Field Hockey Star and Impact Investor Adds Value to EcoAthletes Supporters Team

It is said that home is where the heart is. In the case of pro field hockey player Hugo Inglis, his native New Zealand is also where his passion for the environment developed. "Growing up in the South Island of New Zealand is kind of like a wild immersion into the...

French International Rugby Star Julien Pierre Becomes Latest EcoAthletes Supporter

Julien Pierre has lived an EcoAthlete life. Having grown up in the zoo that his grandfather owned, Pierre is a lifelong environmentalist. On the athlete side, Pierre played for 17 years in the Top 14, the top level of professional rugby in France, most recently as a...

Garry Gilliam, Ex-NFLer and Founder of The Bridge Eco-Village, Signs On to EcoAthletes Supporters Roster

Garry Gilliam knows a thing or two about jump-starting comebacks. As an offensive tackle with the Seattle Seahawks, Gilliam's unexpected touchdown reception on a fake punt in the 2015 NFC Championship game vs. the Green Bay Packers with his team trailing 16-0 in the...

Lily Brazel, Australian Field Hockey International and Founder of Stature Clothing, Brings Style & Passion to EcoAthletes Supporters Squad

Lily Brazel knows that, like Mick Jagger once said, time waits for no one. Not in sports. Not in sustainable business. And certainly not in the climate change fight. That is why the 25 year-old member of Australia's national field hockey team and the founder of...

Richard Hildreth, Canadian Field Hockey Star, the Newest Addition to EcoAthletes Supporters List

Richard Hildreth is one of the most experienced members of Canada's National Field Hockey squad, having played in more than 130 international matches for his country, winning gold in the 2007 Pan Am Games. The 34-year-old Vancouver native also has a longstanding...

The World Is In A Crisis

It is late in the 4 th quarter and humanity is losing to climate change. This is a global crisis and requires everyone’s participation.

Humanity Needs a
#ClimateComeback. Now

The science says the clock is ticking: Humanity has until 2030 to reduce carbon emissions by 45% to avoid the most calamitous impacts of climate change.

Good news is the technology largely exists to get us there.

The big question is: Do we have the collective will?

EcoAthletes Offers Hope!

Athletes are legendary for summoning the will to overcome huge obstacles, but they’ve never faced a tougher opponent than climate change.

EcoAthletes helps them get in the game so they can inspire millions of fans to join the climate change fight.

…With an Important Assist from YOU!

A donation to EcoAthletes will allow us to Identify, Inspire, Coach and Deploy athletes to speak out on climate change. Doing so will change the climate game in humanity’s favor.

$45 billion

Cost of Weather/Climate-Related Disasters in USA (2019)1

1National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Percentage of Americans Worried About Global Warming2

2 Yale Project on Climate Change Communications, April 2019


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