A life-long lover and appreciator of the environment, Canadian doubles ace Gaby Dabrowski came to her interest in climate change recently.

“It’s only been within the past several years where I feel I’ve made any positive strides towards reducing my carbon footprint,” Dabrowski shared. “While I am not fully vegan or vegetarian, I’ve made a conscious effort to reduce my intake of meat, especially red meat. This change happened after listening to several podcasts and watching documentaries on the topic, where experts would describe how eating red meat has a detrimental effect not only on the animals we love, but on the earth as well. In addition to that, I was sponsored for 10 years by Tonic, an eco-friendly athletic apparel company. I loved wearing Tonic because they used sustainable materials and manufactured ethically in Canada. I felt really good wearing this brand because I knew that my clothes were being thoughtfully produced across the entire supply chain. Sadly, Tonic has shut down its tennis line due to COVID, and I’m in the market for a new athletic apparel sponsor.”

Gaby Dabrowski (Photo credit: Ryan Loco)

Now that Dabrowski has joined EcoAthletes as its latest Champion, we will look to assist her in finding a new sustainable athletic apparel sponsor.

In the meantime, the world’s 10th ranked doubles player is looking to bring sustainability conversations to the WTA Tour.

“I’ve only recently begun speaking with fellow pro tennis players about sustainability and how the WTA Tour can be involved,” said the Ottawa native. “Recently, a sustainability committee has been put together which was a small step in the right direction. We hope to encourage players and tournaments alike to take more initiative when it comes to their daily activities that can affect our beautiful planet.”

Introduced to EcoAthletes by fellow touring pro and EcoAthletes Champion Marcus Daniell, Dabrowski immediately felt the organization was right up her (doubles) alley.

“When Marcus mentioned there was an organization that was advocating for the link between climate change activism and sport, I wanted to hear more,” Dabrowski recalled. “After speaking with EcoAthletes’ founder Lew Blaustein, I knew I wanted to help fulfill its mission, which is to help athletes inspire their fans and fellow sportsmen to take climate action. Working with EcoAthletes and my fellow Champions to improve my climate change knowledge and communications skills is an exciting prospect. I want to leave the world a better place, so if I can make a positive impact on the issue of climate change, I will be happy.”

To Blaustein, the qualities Dabrowski brings to the court as top ten doubles player will help EcoAthletes in its goal of sparking a #ClimateComeback.

“Doubles requires strategic savvy and clear communication skills and Gaby has both,” noted the tennis-loving Blaustein. “We look forward to working with her to bring positive messaging about climate solutions to her fans.”

Photo at top: Gaby Dabrowski serves for the Orange County Breakers of World Team Tennis in July 2020 (Photo credit: Ryan Loco/WTT)

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