Joe Cooke is an up-and-coming batsman for Cardiff, Wales-based Glamorgan in the top-flight of English County cricket. His career plan includes to someday make the English National Team and play in a Cricket World Cup.

He also plans to use his platform to make a difference in the climate change fight. Cooke combined his love for cricket and his interest in climate change in his dissertation at England’s Durham University.

Joe Cooke (Photo credit: Huw Evans Agency)

“I studied climate change and the environment within my degree, and I did my dissertation on how climate change will affect cricket,” recalled the 23 year-old Watford, England native. “I was able to travel after university and witness deforestation of the rainforest first-hand. This, along with reading about environmental issues, led to a change in my lifestyle, from the food I eat to the things I buy. I also volunteer with Friends of the Earth here in Wales and do work on various topics such as private sector emissions, the environmental impact of sport, and wasted energy in supermarkets. I now have a burning desire to help make a difference.”

Cooke is excited to bring his climate change-fighting bona fides to the EcoAthletes Champions roster as he becomes its first cricketer.

“I met EcoAthletes founder Lew Blaustein at a summit a few weeks ago and loved the organization and its message,” Cooke shared. “Athletes have a very powerful voice, as we have seen in the UK recently with the work Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has been doing around social justice. To be able to be part of a group of like-minded sportspeople and learn from others was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. I am very excited to be able to discuss the issues with other athletes and hear about their journeys.”

Blaustein is equally excited to have Cooke become part of the growing Champions team.

“Joe Cooke will bring a deep knowledge about the climate crisis as well as climate solutions to the Champions’ network,” said Blaustein. “Cricket is, according to some surveys, the second-most popular sport in the world. So, it is great to have a cricketer like Joe who to help spark a #ClimateComeback!”

Cooke definitely thinks BIG when it comes to using his platform to make a difference on climate.

“I hope to engage in interesting conversations about climate change with Champions, and increase awareness of the topic in sport, particularly in cricket,” offered Cooke. “Eventually, I would like to be able to help athletes and fans to make the connection between sport and climate change, to think about how they could make positive changes, and to act on them.”

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Photo at top: Joe Cooke at bat for Glamorgan (Photo credit: Huw Evans Agency)