About two years ago, the Berlin-based avid runner/cyclist and serial social entrepreneur (he pioneered Urban Art Runs) Laurent Petit had an idea: Connecting workouts with social value with the brands that would want to reach the cause-minded exercisers. A year later, with the support of co-founder Till Harnos, Active Giving was born.

“Active Giving is a platform that enables the eco-conscious, digitally connected sport enthusiast, to contribute to environmental projects like tree planting while improving personal health and wellbeing,” shared co-founder Petit. “Through the act of compensating calories burned or kilometers covered with funding for green projects, the Active Giving mobile app creates a sense of stewardship towards oneself and the planet. Sport activities are recorded in the app either manually or synced from a third-party fitness tracker. We collaborate with forward thinking sponsors to support investment into green projects while increasing awareness of sponsor commitments to community health and sustainability.”

Laurent Petit (Photo credit: Active Giving)

Partnering with EcoAthletes is a natural next step since attracting world-class athletes to the Active Giving platform is an important initiative.

“Athletes are role models, people we look-up to and have deep respect for,” Petit asserted. “We have built Active Giving for them to lead the way in engaging their fans and community into a more active and eco-conscious living. The combination of sports and eco-awareness is at the heart of our mission. That is why we are excited to support EcoAthletes in their efforts to educate athletes to use their platforms to speak out on climate.”

“We applaud Active Giving for its simple yet potentially transformative business model of turning workouts into carbon footprint reductions, which will help lead to a #climatecomeback,” said EcoAthletes founder Lew Blaustein. “And we are happy to announce that the startup has become an EcoAthlete Organizational Supporter, endorsing our mission of inspiring and coaching athletes to speak out confidently on climate change.”

Laurent Petit and Urban Art Runners. Mural by Obey (Photo credit: Urban Art Run)

When asked what a successful EcoAthletes partnership would look like, Active Giving’s co-founder went big.

Very big.

“Active Giving aims to support Athletes in their journey to transform the world!,” gushed Petit. “Our partnership will shape the future of our societies, even beyond sports. And our combined success will be visible as soon as EcoAthletes inspire individuals to commit to an eco-conscious lifestyle by joining the Active Giving platform.”

You can download the Active Giving app for free from the Apple, Google or Microsoft app stores. You can follow them on Instagram at Active.Giving and on Twitter at @active_giving_