Below is a statement to our community from EcoAthletes:

Globally, we are in pain.

From the ongoing police brutality to a worldwide pandemic, this year has continued to highlight the injustices that exist for Black communities and communities of color in the United States and around the world.

We have gruesome videos to prove the injustice of police brutality. We have tragic statistics that document the disproportionately fatal impacts of COVID-19 on communities of color. We have also witnessed ramifications of the ongoing climate crisis, which devastates those same communities more harshly than their white counterparts.

Though often addressed separately, these existential challenges are all attributed to decades of social and environmental injustices and systemic racism that continue to plague society. As leaders in the sports world, we must use our platforms to shed light on these abuses and calamities, and others, and continue the fight for a safer and cleaner future for Black and other frontline communities, as we grapple with the growing climate emergency.

Black Leaders on Environmental & Climate Justice

Jacqui Patterson: @JacquiPatt

Mustafa Santiago Ali: @EJinAction