Julien Pierre has lived an EcoAthlete life.

Having grown up in the zoo that his grandfather owned, Pierre is a lifelong environmentalist.

On the athlete side, Pierre played for 17 years in the Top 14, the top level of professional rugby in France, most recently as a lock with the Section Paloise club. He was a key cog on the French National Team that reached the final of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in Auckland, falling in the end to the legendary New Zealand All Blacks, 8-7.

Julien Pierre celebrates with his Section Paloise teammates during a 2018 match (Photo credit: Maxime Marrimpoey)

And now, Pierre is fusing the environmentalist and sports sides of his persona by becoming the 12th athlete to join the roster of EcoAthletes Supporters.

“I am very happy to join EcoAthletes and I look forward to working to get other athletes to get involved with us,” Pierre said. “I also am committed to continue to learn as much as I can about how to communicate on climate change. As sportsmen and women, we have an influential role to play with our fans, including on climate and other environmental issues. Importantly, we can also work to influence our corporate sponsors towards better environmental behavior. If we want the world of tomorrow to be more livable, we must all make environmental and climate commitments. I look forward to working with EcoAthletes so we can live up to those commitments.”

Julien Pierre reacts after the 2011 Rugby World Cup final match in Auckland, NZ. France fell to New Zealand 8-7 (Photo credit: William West/AFP/Getty Images)

Pierre is also launching a startup, Fair Play For Planet, to help sports teams and fans spark a #climatecomeback.

“With Fair Play For Planet, we will challenge and engage sports clubs on climate change,” Pierre reported. “We want to provide them with the best club-specific solutions for their climate and other environmental issues. We will provide teams with a suite of proven solutions on energy, food, transportation and more. Fair Play will work to reduce the carbon footprint of our partner clubs. This is the key metric, this is the game Fair Play For Planet will help clubs, their fans and sponsors win.”

You can follow Julien Pierre at @JulienPierre4 on Twitter, @julien.pierre.officiel on Instagram and julien.pierre.officiel on Facebook.