Photo credit: Bart Hazen

Mara Abbott’s career as a long-distance road cyclist and her passion for the environment prepare her well for the marathon that is the climate change fight. Today she joins the ranks of EcoAthletes Supporters with the goal of helping to build a squad of athletes who can help lead a #climatecomeback.

“In many ways, EcoAthletes is the organization I wish I had access to when I was competing,” said the fourth place finisher in the 2016 Rio Olympics road race and the two-time winner of the Giro Rosa¹. “It offers athletes a way to leverage their platform in order to speak articulately and effectively about issues that matter to them. It helps build a community of athletes around passions that are greater than sport.”

Mara Abbott (Photo credit: CTS)

Now an energy and natural resources reporter for the Buffalo Bulletin in Buffalo, WY, Abbott understands that athletes can be powerful climate storytellers once they have been empowered to do so: “Climate is an issue that affects everyone. For some athletes, within their careers climate change will impact their ability to train and compete effectively. Sports are a common rallying point in many communities and athletes can be highly effective as advocates.”

Abbott is looking forward to taking an active role with EcoAthletes, helping the organization achieve its mission of educating athletes to inspire their fans to take and demand climate action. “EcoAthletes will expand knowledge of climate issues within the athletic community,” asserted Abbott. “I would like to see it empower athletes who might not otherwise have the confidence or skills to speak effectively about issues that matter to them. I would love to be a part of that mission and a part of that community in any way possible!”

¹ Italy’s Giro Rosa is one of the world’s top women’s multi-stage, long distance road cycling tours.