Joie Leigh knows how much dedication, hard work and perseverance it takes to win an Olympic Gold Medal. She experienced all of that and more as a member of Team GB, the British women’s field hockey team that won Gold at Rio 2016. As difficult as that was, Leigh knows that the fight to turn humanity away from the climate change cliff is infinitely more challenging.

With her announcement Tuesday that she has joined the growing roster EcoAthletes Supporters, Leigh signaled she is up for doing her part in the climate fight. Leigh is keen to use her platform as an athlete to rally fan interest in climate change.

Joie Leigh (Photo credit: GB Hockey)

“I am happy to support EcoAthletes,” Leigh said. “Athletes have a huge impact on many issues, including coronavirus. I know that a number of athletes are curious about climate change. That EcoAthletes will educate athletes on climate and how to communicate it to their fans is very important and exciting. I look forward to being a part of the organization as it grows.”

Leigh brings sustainable business experience to the EcoAthlete Supporters squad. After retiring from field hockey, Leigh pivoted to a career in sustainable business. She works as an analyst with Carbon Credentials, an environmental consultancy in London that is devoted towards building and enabling a zero-carbon economy.