Amy Steel, a former member of the Australian National Netball* team and a retired professional netballer, added her name to the list athletes of EcoAthlete Supporters today.

“I know there is a limited period of time with which our generation can make a substantial difference to the lives of future generations, either for the better or worse,” said Steele, an Athlete Ambassador for Australia’s Sport Environment Alliance. “I’ve benefited greatly from what sport has added to my life — friends, health and fitness, resilience, and many important life lessons — and I’d really like to do my part to make sure sport is still around to enrich the lives of young athletes. Sport has, and always will, rely on clean air, fresh water and a habitable climate to be able to continue. So, it’s my mission, alongside EcoAthletes and Sports Environment Alliance, to support sporting clubs, participants and fans to be the heroes in reducing human caused climate change and keep sport as we know it alive.” 

Amy Steel during her professional netball days with the Melbourne Vixens (Photo credit: Melbourne Vixens)

When asked what success would look like for EcoAthletes as an organization, Steel, currently Manager, Climate Risk and Decarbonization for Deloitte Australia, replied, “The only barometer of success in this fight is to reduce global emissions to within safe planetary boundaries. Our role as athletes is not limited to just our own behaviors and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), but inspiring others to change and reduce theirs. If by 2030 we have halved global GHG emissions from 2015 levels then we will have succeeded.”

A tall order, indeed. But with EcoAthlete Supporters like Amy Steel on the #climatecomeback case, there is a chance.

* Netball is somewhat similar to basketball with these differences: There is no dribbling; no running with the ball; there are 7 players on the court per team rather than 5; the ball must be passed within 3 seconds; the ball and basket are slightly smaller; there is no backboard. It is most popular in Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth nations.